One day a famer bought four donkeys at the market place in the village.

He got on the back of one of them and began to ride home.

As he was riding along, he noticed that there were three donkeys walking in front of him.

He expected to see four. " I wonder that happened", he said to him self " I bought and paid for four donkeys, but now it appears that I have only three".

He was for getting, of course, to count a donkeys", he was riding.

When he got home, his wife met him in frond of their house.

" I see that you bought some fine donkeys" she said. Did you buy for a good price?"

" Yes, I did ", he said. " But something puzzles me.

I purchases four donkeys at the marketplace this morning.

And I am sure that I had all four with me when I left the village.

But now it seems that I have only three ". See! " He even countef them, " One , two, three".

He still didn't remember that he mounted one of the donkeys in the village and was sitting on its back at that very momment.

At first his wife stared at him, waiting for himto smile, for she thought he was joking.

Then when she noticed that he was not , she turned away and laughed.

" How strange"., she said . " You see only three donkeyss and I see five!"

Sưu tầm và biên soạn : Sophie

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