Choose the best completion.
(Chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn thành câu.)

1. I have to go to the meeting_____________ I want to or not.
A. because B. whether
C. even though D. only if
2. I asked Angela to run the office while I'm gone______________ I know I can depend on her.
A. unless B. since
C. Although D. so that
3. I think I did okay in my speech last night ____________I'd had almost no sleep for 24 hours.
A. in spite of B. unless
C. so that D. despite the fact that
4. I talked to Anna throughout the evening, __________________ nothing I said changed her opinion.
A. yet B. and
C. otherwise D. so that
5. After getting home from elementary school,_____________.
A. our house buzzes with the children's many activities
B. the dog greets the children at the front door with wagging tail
C. the children have an hour to play before they begin their homework
D. the school bus drops the children at the corner near their house

6. It looks like they are going to succeed_______________ their present difficulties.
A. despite B. because of
C. even though D. yet
7. The professor told me that I was doing well,________________ my final grade was awful.
A. so B. therefore
C. in spite of D. yet
8. ____________ Beth has a new car, she no longer takes the commuter train to work. She drives to work every day.
A. Now that B. While
C. Although D. In case
9. Our village had____________ money available for education that the schools had to close.
A. so little B. such little
C. so much D. such much
10. I hadn't understood his_____________ asked him to repeat what he'd said.
A. directions. I B. directions because I
C. directions, I D. directions. However, I
(Tư liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar .3rd ed.)

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