(Exercise 2)
Underline the subjects (S), verbs (VT: transitive verbs or VI: intransitive verbs), objects of verbs (O), and prepositional phrases (PP) in the following sentences

(Gạch chân dưới chủ từ (S), động từ (VT:ngoại động từ, VI:nội động từ), túc từ của động từ (O) và cụm giới từ (PP) trong những câu sau)

1. Alex needs new batteries for his camera.

Alex (S)
needs (VT)
batteries (O)
for his camera (PP)

2. A bomb exploded in the road.
bomb (S)
exploded (V)
in the road (PP)

3. Sally wore her blue suit to the meeting.

4. Beethoven wrote nine symphonies.

5. Bells originated in Asia.

6. Plants need a reliable supply of water.

7. We enjoyed the view of snowy mountains from the window of our hotel room.

8. The child sat between her parents on the sandy beach. Above her, an eagle flew across the cloudless sky.
(Tư liệu tham khảo: Understanding and Using English Grammar, Betty Schrampfer, third edition)

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