Len was thirty years old, and he has very long hair. He lived in a big city, but one year he did not find any work there, so he went to a small town and began looking for work there, he went to a lot of places, but nobody wanted him.
Then he met an old friend, and this man said to him: “People in this town don’t like long hair. Why don’t you go to a barber? He can cut a lot of it off, and then you can get some work”
Len went to a baber and said: “please cut most of my hair off”
The barber began. He cut and cut for a long time and then he said to Len: “Were you in the army a few years ago?”
“Yes, I was” , Len answered, “Why did you ask that?”
“because T’ve found your cap”, the barber said.

Biên Tập: Thanh Mai
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