Công thức: Must + Verb.

She is a really nice person. You must meet her.
Thường để nói một thứ gì cần thiết và quan trọng.

Cars must not park in front of the entrance

Để nói một thứ gì mang tính logic.

You must be hungry after all that walking.

Gợi ý ai đó làm gì đó là gì vì bạn nghĩ cái đó là một ý tốt.

We must get together soon for lunch.

Note: Trường hợp phủ định dùng " mustn't hoặc must not + V"
You mustn't do it.
IDIOMS - Thành ngữ
If you must (do something)used to say that somebody may do something but you do not really want them to
'Can I smoke?’ ‘If you must.’It's from my boyfriend, if you must know.

must-see/must-read/must-have, etc.

used to tell people that something is so good or interesting that they should see, read, get it, etc.
Sydney is one of the world's must-see cities.The magazine is a must-read in the show business world.This is on my must-do list.a must-have for any fan.

(Tư liệu tham khảo: "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary & English Grammar in Use")

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