look after yourself/somebody/something

Note: Chủ yếu dùng trong Anh - Anh (BrE)

1. to be responsible for or to take care of somebody/something

Nghĩa: Chịu trách nhiệm or chăm sóc ai đó.

Who's going to look after the children while you're away?

I'm looking after his affairs while he's in hospital.

Don't worry about me — I can look after myself (= I don't need any help).

2. to make sure that things happen to somebody's advantage

Nghĩa: Đảm bảo mang lợi ích cho ai.

He's good at looking after his own interests.


Take care of = Look after: cũng có nghĩa là chăm sóc nhưng được sử dụng cả trong Anh - Anh và Anh - Mỹ.

Who's going to look after / take care of the children while you're away?

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