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Learning English with Foreigner

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  • Learning English with Foreigner


    Teaching program: Communication, Pronunciation, Writing, Studying aboard, leaving a country. Coaching of A, B, C certificates and ToefliBT, Ielts, Toeic. Teaching science subjects for international Student.

    Company provides native teachers (Foreign teachers), teaching in the following areas:
    1. Providing teachers teach at Enterprises or Organization.
    - In this form, the company has a contract with Enterprises or Organization and sends teachers to teach them.
    - Company guarantees the legal, teacher’s qualities, learning program and time.
    - Company consults about learning program and suitable textbooks.
    - Company sends native teachers, if Enterprises and Organization have requested.

    2. Providing teachers teach at Foreign Language Centers:
    - This form, Foreign Language Center has a manageable contract and provides teachers with company.
    - Company guarantees providing foreign language teachers for Foreign language Centers.
    - Company guarantees workforce and quality of teachers.
    - Company undertakes to pay the salaries for teachers and relevant fees.
    - Company guarantees the legal, insurance, labour contract and relevant problems for teachers.

    3. Providing foreign language Lecturers teach at Universities, Colleges and Technical secondary schools.
    - This form, Company directly contract with Schools for recruiting foreign language teachers and provide teacher for school.
    - Company chooses records and checks knowledge of teachers and send to School which have requested.
    - Company guarantees quantity and quality of teacher.

    4. Providing foreign language teachers for personal and family have requested.
    - Teachers teach at family and personal who have requested.
    - Program: Communication, pronunciation, grammar, writing, commerce, leaving a country, studying aboard, pupils from1-12 grades, coaching of Universities, international student, Ielts, Toefl, iBT, and A, B, C national certificate.
    - Professional teachers with the visual, lively methods in order to help the student can communicate in the short time.

    - Providing teachers in the whole country, especially Ho Chi Minh city and neighboring provinces.
    - The Company’s teachers come enterprises, organization, schools and personal have requested of teaching.

    Using new methods with the rich Grammar and Vocabulary, Please access:
    to get more the details

    TEL: (+84)902 516 288 (Mr.Henry) Email:

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