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Learning German

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  • Learning German

    1001 Pitfalls in German

    A valuable reference guide thatpinpoints and corrects errors students are most likely to make when writing or speaking German. Idioms, exceptions to grammatical rules, word order in sentences, regional variations, and potential confusions between Der and Ein words are among the many problem areas that are clearly explained. A highly useful supplement to standard text books, and an indispensable aid for composition and translation.

    501 German Verbs

    The most commonly used 510 German verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation, and conjugated in all tenses and forms. The bookÂ's additional features include common idioms with example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review. This book includes a bonus CD-ROM enclosed at no additional charge. The CD-ROM presents valuable exercises for students in German sentence completion, word completion, word matching, and conversational dialogue, with answers provided for all exercises.

    German the Easy Way

    A refreshing change from most language books! This self-teaching German workbook presents grammar and vocabulary in interesting lessons augmented by amusing stories and anecdotes. Includes practice exercises, tests, an answer key, and a table of the most often-used German verbs.
    Master the Basics German

    Both books make fine supplements to high school or college texts. The new German Grammar--a smaller edition of Master the Basics--doesn't include the "Test Yourself" and "Diagnostic Analysis" sections of Master the Basics. Both books review German vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, idioms, and sentence structure.

    Essential German grammar

    This is the first German grammar which has been specifically designed for the adult with limited learning time who wishes to be able to express himself with reasonable accuracy, yet does not wish to be burdened with archaic, highly literary, or seldom used forms. It covers the most important points of German grammar in the clearest possible manner, stressing regularities rather than irregularities and concentrating upon the constructions and expression-modes that you would be most likely to use. It has been created for readers who prefer the phrase-approach, and all grammatical points are illustrated with phrases and sentences that you can use immediately. Hints are included throughout the book on replacing difficult constructions with easier ones.

    Essential German grammar

    Essential German Grammar is a student-friendly German grammar designed to give learners a firm foundation on which to build their German communication skills. The reference grammar section is easy to use, with clear explanations, authentic examples and visually appealing tables. A separate exercise section gives students the opportunity to test themselves and put into practice what they have learned.

    Hammer's German grammar and usage

    This much-awaited new edition of Hammer's German Grammar and Usage--the pre-eminent, most authoritative German grammar reference in the English language--has been extensively revised with new German spelling changes and new usage examples. Instead of getting bogged down in idealized rules, Professor Durrell focuses on how Germans really speak. Included are clear and concise explanations, many examples from everyday life, and comprehensive cross-referencing and indexing.
    Practicing German Grammar

    This workbook provides a comprehensive selection of exercises that cover essential structures in German. Thoroughly revised, this edition reflects current trends in the language and brings the workbook in line with the new edition of Hammer's German Grammar and Usage, for which Practicing German Grammar can serve as the companion—or it can be used as a stand-alone workbook for anyone wanting to practice and improve their German skills. - Text-based activities. Encourage students to discover grammar regularities by themselves. - Activities are based on authentic documents, such as newspaper articles, business literature, and extracts from modern novels. Allow students to gain a genuine sense of current usage.

    Practicing German Grammar

    The new edition of Practising German Grammar offers a set of varied and accessible exercises that give students a solid grasp of German as it is spoken and written today. It can be used alone or with Hammer's German Grammar and Usage. The volume now includes a glossary of grammatical terms and a variety of new and updated exercises. Its lively text, including jokes and cartoons, help students to painlessly improve their German. The book provides summaries of key grammatical points as well as model answers to the exercises and translations of difficult words, making it ideal for both students and independent learners.
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