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  • Sách từ điển tiếng Thái

    Thai-English/English-Thai dictionary and phrasebook

    This book provides basic grammar and the vocabulary and phrases essential to any traveller. All Thai words are spelled in the English alphabet, thus making it an easy reference for people unfamiliar with Thai script.
    Pocket Thai dictionary

    - Ideal dictionaries for beginning students and travelers- Handy slim size to fit the pocket or purse with attractive, colorful covers- The Periplus Pocket Dictionary Series is simply the best grab-and-go travel companion on the market today

    Robertson's Practical English-Thai Dictionary

    A new edition of this popular dictionary. The content has been thoroughly updated and expanded, and is now presented in a clear double-column layout. The rendering of each word and phrase in the familiar roman alphabet has been completely revised, and tones are clearly indicated throughout. Thai script is also shown in a font that can be read without difficulty both by learners and by Thai natives.

    พจนานุกรม ไทย-อังกฤษ อังกฤษ-ไทย

    This practical and handy dictionary is designed to help English speakers communicate in Thai. Most Thai-English dictionaries either use Thai script exclusively for the Thai entries (making them difficult for westerners to use) or use only phonetic transliteration (making it impossible to look up a word in Thai script). This dictionary solves these problems by dividing the entries into three sections: Section One [English-Phonetic-Thai], Section Two [Phonetic-Thai-English] and Section Three [Thai-Phonetic-English]. The transliteration system is the same as that used in Paiboon Publishing's other books. You will find most of the vocabulary you are likely to need in everyday life, including basic medical, cultural, political and scientific terms.

    Three-Way Thai-English, English-Thai Pocket Dictionary: With Classifiers and Tones for English Speakers

    All Thai words are listed in both Thai script and an easy-to-learn, English-like pronunciation system that fully expresses the Thai sound, including the tones and everything else you need to speak and understand Thai words correctly. It's a perfect fit with our other books, such as Thai for Beginners. Unlike traditional dictionaries, there are three sections: you can look up an English word in the English section, look up a Thai word you read using the Thai Script section, or look up a Thai word you hear by its sound in the unique Thai Sound section. Whether you are visiting Thailand for a short while or living there permanently, you will find most of the vocabulary used in everyday life, including basic medical, cultural, political and scientific terms. Completely updated and expanded with more than 28,000 entries and 36,000 definitions, as well as a new, large font size that is easy on the eyes, this next-generation Paiboon dictionary now lists over 15,000 classifiers along with nouns. There is an extensive intro to speaking and writing Thai, with a handy font chart to help you read signs and newspaper headlines.

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