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Mark Twain

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  • Mark Twain

    This is story about Mark Twain, the famous American writer and humorist.

    We all know that Mark Twain was famous in his day as a lecturer and teller of funny stories.

    We also know that he like to play jokes on his friends. In this case, the jokes was on Mark Twain.

    One day he was walking along the street of a small town where he was going to deliver a lecture that evening.

    He met a young man wwho told him that has an old uncle who never laughed and never smiled.

    Mark Twain told the young man to bring his uncle to his lecture that evening.

    He said he could guarantee to make him laugh.

    That evening the young manand his uncle sat in the first row.

    Mark Twain spoke directly at them. He told some rather funny stories, but the old man never smiled.

    Then he told the funniest stories which he knew, but the old man's face still remaines blank. At last , Mark Twain left the platform almost exhauted.

    Later Mark Twain was talking with a friend about this ." Oh" , said the friend.

    " I know that old man. He has been stone deaf for year."

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