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Exercise: Adjective clauses-Part B.2

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  • Exercise: Adjective clauses-Part B.2

    (Exercise 6)
    Choose the correct answer.

    (Chọn câu trả lời đúng.)

    1. " My writing has improved a lot in this class."
    " Mine has, too. All the students_________ do well in writing."
    A. whom Mr. Davis teaches them C. that Mr. Davis teaches them
    B. which Mr. Davis teaches D. Mr. Davis teaches

    2. " Have you seen the place________ the graduation ceremony will be held?"
    " Yes. It's big enough to hold 5,000 people."
    A. in that C. is where that
    B. where D. which

    3. " How's your class this term?"
    " Great. I have seventeen students, most of____________ speak English very well."
    A. who C. whom
    B. those D. which

    4. " Will everyone like the book?"
    "No. Only people ___________ interested in anthropology."
    A. are C. in whom are
    B. who are D. that is

    5. " How did you enjoy your dinner with Mr. Jackson?"
    "It was boring. He talked only about himself, ___________ almost put us to sleep."
    A. which C. who
    B. that D. that he

    6. My grandfather, ________ a wise man, has greatly influenced my life.
    A. is C. who is
    B. that is D. who he is

    7. " Is Dr. Brown the person__________ you wish to speak?"
    " Yes, please."
    A. that C. to that
    B. whom D. to whom

    8. In the movie, a teenager___________ to pursue a singing career meets resistance from his strong-willed father.
    A. wants C. wanting
    B. wanted D. who want

    9. " Excuse me, but there is something about_______immediately."
    A. which I must speak to you C. that I must speak to you about
    B. which I must speak to you about it D. that I must speak to you

    10. Little women, __________in 1968, is my sister's favorite book.
    A. is a novel published C. a novel was published
    B. a novel published D. was a novel published

    (Tư liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar .3rd ed.)

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