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Exercise: Adjective clauses-Part B.1

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  • Exercise: Adjective clauses-Part B.1

    (Exercise 5)
    Choose the correct answer.

    (Chọn câu trả lời đúng).

    1. " Were you able to locate the person___________ waltet you found? "
    " Luckily, yes. "
    A. which C. whose
    B. that his D. that's

    2. Some fish is frozen, but_______ is best.
    A. fish is fresh C. fish fresh
    B. fresh fish D. fresh fish is caught

    3. " Why do you get up at 4:00 a.m? "
    "Because it's only time________ without being interrupted."
    A. when I can work on my book C. when I can work on my book then
    B. when I can work on my book at D. at when I can work on my book

    4. " You seem so happy today."
    "I am. Are you looking at a person ________ has just been accepted into medical school!"
    A. who C. whom she
    B. who she D. whom

    5. " The movie ___________last night was terrific."
    " What's it about? "
    A. I went C. I went to
    B. I went to it D. that I went

    6. Many people lost their homes in the earthquake. The goverment needs to establish more shelters to care for those____________ have homes.
    A. who doesn't C. which doesn't
    B. who don't D. which don't

    7. The problem_________ never occurred.
    A. I hadn't expected it C. that I had expected it
    B. Who I had expected D. I had expected

    8. I had to drive to the factory to pick up my brother, _______ car wouldn't start.
    A. who his C. who's
    B. who D. whose

    9. I read a book about Picasso, ___________.
    A. is a Spanish painter C. who a Spanish painter is
    B. a Spanish painter D. that is a Spanish painter

    10. The people ______________ the acrobat turn circles in the air were horrified when he missed the outstretched hands of his partner and fell to his death.
    A. watched C. watching
    B. watch D. were watching

    (Tư liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar .3rd ed.)

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