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Exercise: Question review.

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  • Exercise: Question review.

    Make questions. Use any appropriate question word: where, when, what time, why, who, what.

    1.A: Where did Ann go?

    B: To the zoo. ( Ann went to the zoo. )

    2.A: ____________________________

    B: Yesterday. ( Ann went to the zoo yesterday. )

    3.A: ____________________________

    B: Ann ( Ann went to the zoo yesterday. )

    4.A: ____________________________

    B: Ali ( I saw Ali. )

    5.A: ____________________________

    B: At the zoo. ( I saw Ali at the zoo. )

    6.A: ____________________________

    B: Yesterday. ( I saw Ali at the zoo yesterday. )

    7.A: ____________________________

    B: Because the weather was nice. ( I went to the zoo yesterday because the weather was nice. )

    8.A: ____________________________

    B: The doctor's office. ( The doctor's office called. )

    9.A: ____________________________

    B: Yesterday afternoon. ( They called yesterday afternoon.)

    10.A: ____________________________

    B: The nurse. ( I talked to the nurse. )

    11.A: ____________________________

    B: At home. ( I was at home yesterday afternoon. )

    12.A: ____________________________

    B: "Very old". ( Ancient means "very old". )

    13.A: ____________________________

    B: In an apartment. ( I'm living in an apartment. )

    14.A: ____________________________

    B: Grammar. ( The teacher is talking about grammar. )

    15.A: ____________________________

    B: A frog. ( Annie has a frog in her pocket. )

    (Tư liệu tham khảo:
    Betty Schrampfer Azar . Understanding and Using English. 3rd ed.)
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