Make questions for the given answers.

1.A: Where did you study last night ?

B: At the library. ( I studied at the library last night. )

2.A: ______________________________________

B: At 10:00. ( I left the library at 10:00. )

3.A: ______________________________________

B: Because it closed at 10:00 ( I left because the library closed at 10:00. )

4.A: ______________________________________

B: To the park. ( My friends and I went to the park yesterday afternoon. )

5.A: ______________________________________

B: At Emerhoff's Shoe Store. ( I got my sandals at Emerhoff's Shoe Store. )

6.A: ______________________________________

B: Because he was sick. ( Bobby was in bed because he was sick. )

7.A: ______________________________________

B: Because he didn't get enough sleep. ( Bobby was sick because he didn't get enough sleep. )

8.A: ______________________________________

B: Two days ago. ( Sandra got back from Brazil two days ago. )

(Tư liệu tham khảo:
Betty Schrampfer Azar . Understanding and Using English. 3rd ed.)