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Exercise: Should, ought to, had better

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  • Exercise: Should, ought to, had better

    Give advice to the people in the following situations. Use should, ought to, or had better. Choose from the suggested completions in the list, or use your own words.
    call home and talk to his family
    change clothes before he goes
    clean it up right away
    find a chemistry major to tutor her
    get his roommate a pair of earphones
    join some clubs to meet people with similar interests
    listen to Tom before he fired him
    make her own decisions about her career and go to architecture school
    not eat so much
    not leave the room; apologize immediately; signal to a waiter for help
    stop for gas
    take it back sooner
    1. Ann would like to make some new friends.

    2. Ellen is having a lot of trouble in her chemistry class. She’s failed the last two tests.

    3. You didn’t stop for gas, and then you ran out of gas on the highway.

    4. Sam and Tim, both teenagers, have messed up the house, and their parents are coming home soon.

    5. You had to pay a fine because your library book was overdue.

    6. Ron is wearing jeans. He’s expected at a formal reception this evening.

    7. Mary’s parents expect her to work in the family business, a shoe store, but she wants to be an architect.

    8. Richard’s roommate stays up very late studying. While his roommate is studying, he listens to loud music, and Richard can’t get to sleep.

    9. Pierre is feeling really homesick these days.

    10. You have a stomach ache because you ate too much.

    11. Tom didn’t show up for work yesterday because he and his friend were in a auto accident. Tom was okay, but his friend was badly hurt, so Tom had to stay with him at the hospital. Tom didn’t call his boss to tell him he wouldn’t be at work. When Tom arrived at work today, his boss fired him immediately, refusing to listen to any of Tom’s explanations for missing work.

    12. A man was having dinner in a restaurant with a co-worker. When he got up, he accidentally bumped the table, spilling a plate of food onto the woman’s lap. He looked at her in horror and left the room.

    (Tư liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar.3rd ed).
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