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Exercise: Using "one", "each"," every"

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  • Exercise: Using "one", "each"," every"

    Choose the correct word in italics.

    1. Each student, students in the class is required to take the final examination.

    2. Each of the student, students in the class is required to take the final examination.

    3. Every one of the room, rooms in our apartment has at least one window.

    4. There is at least one window in every room, rooms in our apartment.

    5. My bedroom has only one, very small window, windows.

    6. One of the smallest window, windows in our apartment is in my bedroom.

    7. When John bought some supplies at the hardware store, he thought the total amount on the bill was incorrect, so he checked each item, items on his bill very carefully.

    8. Each of the item, items on the bill was correct.

    9. Alex took an extended vacation in northern Europe last summer. Sweden was one of the country, countries he visited when he was in Scandinavia.

    10. Susan has traveled widely, but she has visited only one Scandinavia country, countries.

    11. Tom believes that there are no strangers. He views each person, people in the world as a friend he hasn’t met yet.

    12. I answered every question, questions on the examination. I didn’t skip any.

    13. Each one of the child, children in the class was given a piece of paper and a crayon. Each child, children drew a picture.

    14. Hunger is one of the biggest problem, problems in the world today.

    15. Each of the applicant, applicants for the scholarship is required to furnish five references (that is, names of people who are willing to write letters of recommendation).

    Answer(đáp án tham khảo)

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    Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar.3rd ed.
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