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Exercise: Using apostrophes

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  • Exercise: Using apostrophes

    Add apostrophes as necessary to mark a possessive noun or a contraction with a pronoun.

    1. Mary father works at the Northgate Medical Center. Hes a dentist.

    2. Jacks parents live in Georgia. His parents home is in Atlanta.

    3. Our teacher last name is Wells. Shes one of the best teachers in the school.

    4. Our teachers last names are Wells, Hunt, and Moore. Theyre all good teachers.

    5. Ms. Wells husband is also a teacher. Ms. Hunts husband is an engineer.

    6. Its well known that a bear likes sweet food. Its favorite food is honey.

    7. Anns telephone number is 555-8989. Ours is 555-8998. People often confuse hers with ours, so we get frequent calls for her.

    8. The tiger is a beautiful animal. Its coat is orange and white with black stripes. Although its found in the wind only in Asia, people throughout the world appreciate its beauty and power. Even though tigers are protected by laws, many scientists predict their extinction within twenty to thirty years. How much poorer has a place for tigers, elephants, wolves, and numerous other animals whose fates rely upon the wisdom and compassion of humankind.

    (Tài liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar.3rd ed.)
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