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Exercise: Using "there"+ "be" and some irregularities

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  • Exercise: Using "there"+ "be" and some irregularities

    Choose the correct verb, singular or plural, for each subject.

    1. There is, are a cup on the table.

    2. There is, are some cups on the table.

    3. Why isn’t, aren’t there any windows in the classroom?

    4. Why isn’t, aren’t there any chalk for the chalkboard?

    5. States is, are political units.

    6. The United States is, are in North America.

    7. The news in that newspaper is, are biased.

    8. Economics is, are an important area of study.

    9. Diabetes is, are an illness. Mumps is, are another kind of illness. Rabies is, are a disease you can get from being bitten by an infected animal.

    10. 100 meters isn’t, aren’t a long distance to travel by car.

    11. Five minutes isn’t, aren’t too long to wait.

    12. Six and four is, are ten.

    13. People is, are interesting.

    14. English is, are a common language.

    15. The English is, are friendly people.

    16. The elderly in my country is, are given free medical care.

    (Tài liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar. Understanding and Using English Grammar.3rd ed.)
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