(Exercise 3)
Complete the sentences with the past tense form of a verb. In some sentences, more than one verb

fits. The number in parentheses tells you how many verbs you can use.

come eat go put sit stand
do get have see sleep write
1. Last week, I did something really fun. (1)

2. I ___________ to the mountains for a camping trip. (1)

3. First, I ___________ outside under the stars at night. (3)

4. I ___________ milions of stars in the sky. (1)

5. I also ___________ three fish from the river with my fishing pole. (1)

6. I cooked them over a fire, and ___________ them for dinner. (2)

7. One day I walked in the woods for several hours. I ___________ deer and foxes with my

binoculars. (1)

8. I ___________ home late Monday night. (3)

9. I ___________ a postcard to my parents. (1)

10. I ___________ the postcard in the mail. (1)
(Tư liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar . Understanding and Using English. 3rd ed.)