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Exercise: Chapter review.

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  • Exercise: Chapter review.

    Choose the correct completion for each sentence.

    ( Chọn đáp án đúng cho mỗi câu )

    1. Where do _____ live ?

    A. she

    B. he

    C. you

    D. them

    2. Dr. Ruiz is my dentist and neighbor. _____ is very helpful.

    A. We

    B. She

    C. They

    D. You

    3. This is our apartment. _____ is very comfortable.

    A. It

    B. We

    C. She

    D. He

    4. These are our seats. Do you want to sit next to _____ ?

    A. we

    B. our

    C. it

    D. us

    5. The students are going to the movies. Their teacher is taking _____ ?

    A. we

    B. us

    C. they

    D. them

    6. Many _____ in the neighborhood work from their homes.

    A. women

    B. woman

    C. womens

    D. womans

    7. You and _____ like to read the same books and listen to the same music.

    A. me

    B. I

    C. him

    D. her

    8. Paul is an active child. Children like to play with _____ .

    A. her

    B. he

    C. him

    D. she

    9. _____ bird has a vocabulary of fifteen words.

    A. Our

    B. We

    C. I

    D. Us

    10. I love _____ .

    A. China food

    B. food Chinese

    c. food China

    d. Chinese food

    (Tư liệu tham khảo: Betty Schrampfer Azar . Understanding and Using English. 3rd ed.)

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