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Key: Indirect speech (lời nói gián tiếp)

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  • Key: Indirect speech (lời nói gián tiếp)

    Answer:(đáp án tham khảo)

    1. Tom asked me where I was spending my holiday.

    2. Mary told John not to tell anyone her new address.

    3. Ann asked her mother if she could have a new bicycle.

    4. Miss O'Shay told the reporter Nancy had been one of the best students in her school.

    5. The teacher asked us how many students there had been in our class the year before.

    6. My teacher says that if I make a mistake, she'll find it at once.

    7. Harry told me that his bike was broken and he could not ride it.

    8. The owner said if the ground was dry on the day of the race, his horse might win.

    9. Marry told Dick to be quiet and asked him why he was so noisy.

    10. I told her I wished she had seen it.

    11. Charles told me that he had to leave the office before 3:00 p.m.

    12. Howard asked me if I was going to join that organization.

    13. My boss asked me if I had given the letter to Mr. Watson.

    14. She asked the boy how long he had been studying at the school.

    15. The teacher ordered us to shop and give her our papers.

    16. Fres asked me why those people had left so early.

    17. He said he hadn't been able to get into the house because he had lost his key, so he had had to break a window.

    18. My father asked me why I changed my job.

    19. Our teacher told us that we had done our homework very carefully.

    20. His mother told him not to put sticky things in his pockets.

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