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Exercise: Passive voice-part 1(answer)

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  • Exercise: Passive voice-part 1(answer)

    Answer:(đáp án tham khảo)

    1. He is said to be a bad boy.

    2. Can this work be done by yourself ?

    3. My handbag has been taken away by mistake.

    4. He wanted nothing except to be left in peace.

    5. The house shall be locked up for the summer.

    6. How many lessons are going to be learnt by you next month ?

    7. Weren't you told to be here at 6 o'clock ?

    8. Special attention must be paid to the conclusion of the speech by you.

    9. He is being questioned about the stolen goods by the police.

    10. We were made to do a lot of homework last week by the teacher.

    11. Our visit had to be put off until later.

    12. The first village that was visited was not far from the city.

    13. Vegetables and fruit are being sold at the market by the collective-farm and state-farm workers.

    14.He should be told never to do that again.

    15. It is impossible for this to be done now.
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